ipod Apps

iBooks - an eReader bookstore

free books - classics

Dictionary.com - a dictionary and Thersarus

Literary Analysis Guide - Elements of literature are arranged graphically around three wheels (poetry, prose & rhetoric)

Kindle - eReader from Amazon

Shakespeare Pro - Complete works of Shakespeare.  Works can be cross searched

MaxJournal - simple journal tool

Essay Grader - Provide feedback on essays

LitCharts - Links to LitCharts Website.

Graphing Claculator - provides numerous graphing capabilities

Middle school vocabulary Prep - Increases  word skills, over 300 at your own pace

Science Glossary - Scientic terms glossary with short scientist biographies

Math Racer - solving math problems at speed, levels and content specific

Pass the Past - Social Studies history app

Know your Caps - State capitals infor and trivia

HomeWorkTime - homework assignment tracker