The keys to word study success are practice and application.  Please make sure that your child sorts his/her word study cards every night in addition to the nightly homework assignment.  Ask your child to explain why the words are sorted the way they are, and encourage them to find additional words that fit the same patterns.  They can brainstorm their own words or hunt for them in books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

New word sorts are given on Fridays and tests will be on Thursdays (unless otherwise noted on the homework board).  Homework will be assigned Monday through Wednesday; however, your child is more than welcome to take their word study spiral home over the weekend to practice thri sort.  Descriptions of assignments can be found in your child's Word Study journal.  


Twenty minutes of reading is required every night.  Your child will bring home a reading log in their Friday Folder; the completed log is due the following Friday.  Please make sure you sign the log and help your child total their minutes.  The current total goal is 100 minutes.   


Most of our writing is done in class and will not be sent home for homework. 


Please continue to study addition and subtraction facts nightly.  Mastery of these facts is crucial to success as we move forward in math.  Instead of using flashcards, try to incorporate games into your fact studying routine.  Math Hall of Fame tests will typically be given on Thursdays.  To pass a test, your child needs to complete 50 basic addition or subtraction facts in 3 minutes.


Your child should bring home their binder every night.  Even if specific homework is not assigned, I strongly encourage your child to review their notes and study guides.  Additional notes/information will also be in their science and social studies journals.

Social Studies Interactive Notebook: For each page of notes in the social studies IN, we will apply a color coded learning strategy that highlights the important information.  In addition, your child will draw and color (with colored pencils) a detailed picture on the opposite page that demonstrates their understanding of the notes.  A sentence (or two!) must accompany the illustration and show an understanding of the information in your child's own words.  I do not grade on artistic ability, but I do grade on neatness and effort.  We will start working on the IN in class each day, but most pages will need to be finished for homework.  I will inform the class about a week in advance of the due date so everyone has time to make sure their work is complete and shows their best effort before they turn it in.