Welcome students to your Online Resource of Education or O.R.E. This site is a way for you to check on recent assignments, tests that can be taken, in-class activities that we may have done, power points or documents you may not have seen or been given, and to study for up coming exams. Using this website, you will be given a much more easier chance at succeeding in my classroom and I believe that using technology to benefit your young and spongy minds will help in the long run. Unfortunately I must break some hard, cold news to you; THERE IS NOW NO EXCUSE FOR ANYTHING! Since everything is now on the internet you have the power to go online and check for assignments at home or in the library. I will only make exceptions at the end of the school year when the library closes three weeks in advance to the last day of school so you may study for your tests on documents that I print out for you. I hope you benefit from all this website has to offer.

Thank You,

Mr. Fitz