Week of June 15



Week of June 8


Week of June 1



Week of May 26



Week of May 18


Week of May 11

Week of May 4


Week of April 27


Week of April 20


Week of April 13

Please follow the remote learning plan.  Click on the link to download:  https://www.jamiesonschool.org/ourpages/auto/2020/3/16/36803925/Kindergarten%20Learning%20Plan%204_13-4_17.pdf (no longer available)

High-Frequency Words:  yellow, green blue, some, came, because


Week of April 6

Spring Break!  Have some fun and play a lot!!  Stay safe!!


Week of March 30

  • Continue to work on the packet that was sent home with your child.  This packet should be completed by the end of the week.
  • Please have your child read books and answer questions on RAZ Kids.
  • High-Frequency Words:  yellow, green blue, some, came, because
  • Use the links in the Reading Menu to practice letter names, sounds, blends and digraphs.  Your child is familiar with these songs.  Have them sing along to these videos.  The repetition helps them learn.
  • Use the links in the Math menu to practice saying numbers up to 100, counting objects up to 20 or more, addition and subtraction.
  • Use the resources on this website for other enrichment activities.  
  • Keep a daily writing journal.  Write about things you see around you or what you did during the day.
  • Remember to always take time to get some fresh air, play, and exercise!



Week of March 23

  • Continue to work on the packet sent home last week
  • Continue to read books on RAZ Kids 
  • Use the online sources in the menus above to break up tasks.  Your child really likes the videos we use during the day at school.