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Math Videos

Here are some videos we have been using in the classroom.  Some videos encourage your child to move and sing along.  Have your child sing along.  It really helps your child build vocabulary and language.

Count to 100:  (The Singing Walrus)  (Count to 100 Jack Hartmann)


Count by 5's:  (Mr. R)   (The Singing Walrus)  (Jack Hartmann)


Count by 10's:  (Jack Hartmann)  (The Singing Walrus)  (Mr. R)


2D Shapes  (2D Shapes - The Singing Walrus)  (2D Shapes)  (Jack Hartmann with movement - 2D Shapes)


3D Shapes  (The Singing Walrus)  (Jack Hartmann)


Addition (Pirate Addition)  (Number Pairs 1)  (Number Pairs 2)  (Number Pairs 3)  (Number Pairs 4)  (Number Pairs 5)  (Number Pairs 6)  (Number Pairs 7)  (Number Pairs 8)  (Number Pairs 9)   (Number Pairs 10)


Subtraction  (Pirate Subtraction)  (Jack Hartmann)


Measurement  (The Jim Henson Company)


Months, Days of Week, and Seasons Songs  (Days of Week)  (Months)  (Seasons)



Math Activities


  • Shape Hunt -  Go on a search for different shapes around your home.  Have your child find a triangle, circle, oval, square, rectangle, star, and diamond.


  • Top It -  If you have flashcards, make 2 sets of cards going up to 20.  Each player gets a stack of cards.  Make sure to shuffle them well.  Each player flips a card from his/her deck and the player that has the higher number gets to keep both cards.  If each player flips the same card, then each player has to put another card down.  The player with the highest card gets all the cards.  Keep going until someone doesn't have any cards left.