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A Peek at the Week

January 30 – February 3, 2012


Reading—Story of the Week: Shadow in the Snow/Snow Surprise

                  Comprehension skill for the week: Author’s Purpose/Point of View

Robust Vocabulary:  Your child should be able to read the following words, know their meanings, and be able to use them correctly in a sentence by Friday.

bulged – If a container bulged, its sides stuck out as if it were going to burst.

jostled – When you have jostled people, you have bumped them or poked them to make them move.

argue – When you argue with someone, you disagree loudly.

command – When you command someone, you tell him or her what to do.

labored – If you labored, you worked very hard.

wary – When you are cautious and unsure about something that might be dangerous, you are wary.

High Frequency Words: Review these words with your child nightly. They should be able to read these words to you without hesitation. Make them into flashcards and play a game to see how fast they can read them.


mouse                our         over       surprise       pretty                three      play          onto             day                 eat                  tree                


Spelling: These words are made up of sounds we are learning in our Saxon phonics lessons. I suggest you give your child a practice spelling test on Monday night. Practice the words they miss and do another practice test on Thursday night.


1. far                        2. much                        3. play                     4. gave                   5. upon                   6. after        7. handy     

8. dribble                9. spell                       10. shapeless               11. says             12. should


Math: We are finishing Chapter 9 in our Math book. We will have our test on Thursday. They will have Math homework each night this week. Please go over the work with your child every night, they should have a worksheet from what we did in school that day.


Science: We are continuing to learning about Earth and what changes it.



Monday: PE                       Tuesday: Art                   Wednesday:  Music         Thursday: PE                 Friday: Tech Lab


Important Dates


Wednesday- Graded papers go home each week.

Thursday- Math Test

Friday- Testing Day – Reading Test; Spelling Test