Ask Me About...

Who had the favorites bag. What did they bring?


When asking your child about their day, ask specific questions.
For example, "What did you have for snack?", "Did you sing a song today?", "Who did you play with at Choice Time?"
Many times the broad question of, "What did you do today?" is too much for them to process.  You might even prompt them at drop off by saying something like - "I'd love to hear about Bible Time today!" or, "I wonder what the letter of the week is.  Maybe you can tell me after school."  If they know you'll be asking about their day, they may have more to tell you when you ask. 

However, don't be discouraged if they simply answer, "Nothing" or "I don't know".  Kids live in the moment.  They do remember, but it isn't important anymore because that part of their day is over and they are moving on to the next event.
I will be sending home review pages for the letter of the week.  Please help your child write their letters.  Also, please remind them to use their "chomper fingers" to pinch and curl on their crayon (or marker, pencil... whatever they are using to write with).
They may send their homework back to school in their home/school folder for a sticker and star or they can keep the pages at home.  Either is fine!