Misc Information and Other Resources

Misc Information

We use Learning Without Tears for our handwriting curriculum. 
This is the same curriculum used by Mahomet schools. Their 
website offers information and downloads. We use the kindergarten 
level curriculum in the prek class.
Learning Without Tears


Each time you order books online our class gets points to be used towards 
books. Our activation code is K9GC2.
Scholastic Reading Club


The Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention 
for Young Children (TACSEI) takes the research that shows which 
practices improve the social-emotional outcomes for young 
children and creates FREE products and resources to help parents, 
caregivers, and service providers to apply these best practices 
in the work they do every day.
Help for challenging behavior


Easy to learn parenting solutions that work.
Parent Magic


Play games online with your children ages 3-7.
Scholastic Family Playground

Other Resources

If you enjoy science projects and mixing up gooey concoctions, check out 
books by John Thomas and Danita Pagel at the library.

Parenting With Love and Logic by Jim Fay & David Funk - provides excellent 
tips on parenting and dealing with challenging behaviors. These authors 
have several other titles in this same genre.

1-2-3 Magic by Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D. & Sarah Jane Schonour, M.A. - 
effective discipline techniques. This method (1-2-3 Magic) is used by 
schools and is found to be effective both in the classroom and at home.