Amy Priest - All God's Children PreK Class

This month is everything Christmas. Hopefully we will be able to be in session for the whole 3 weeks, but we will take each week as they come. We will talk about how Christmas is the season of giving. (kind of a tough concept for 4/5 year olds) And we will also be talking about Jesus' birthday. I am going to do my best to make this a joyful season at school. We will look at all of the wonderful aspects of our lives and what joys we have. We will have a very merry time!! wink



I know this is kind of an uncertain time, but please know that my view on school and learning hasn't changed. I will still do my absolute best to make your child's time at AGC educational, lots of fun and full of love!! There will be some challenges, but we are up to the task and have been busy planning for new ways to help your child learn to love school and learning to be a good friend. In the mean time... stay safe and God bless you all!! heart


Check out our Facebook page!  It's "All God's Children".  We have some really great pics of our year there!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me anytime.