Amy Priest - All God's Children PreK Class

Graduation will be on Friday, May 11th. Both classes will be graduating at the same ceremony starting at 6:00pm.  Please have your child to the classroom 20 minutes early so we can get organized. There will be a small reception following our ceremony that everyone is welcome to attend!! Can't wait to see everyone!! laugh




Our End of Year Picnic/Party will be on Monday, May 14th, 11:00-12:30. This is a very informal, drop in and go picnic out at the playground at AGC, to celebrate the end of the year. You are able to bring a picnic lunch for you and your child, play at the playground and talk with friends and the teachers. It is a fun end to our year.


Last day of school:

Friday, May 11th.

Check out our Facebook page!  It's "All God's Children Preschool".  We have some really great pics of our year there!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me anytime.