Party Info Page

Party Info Page

Halloween Party - On or the day before Halloween
The party takes place during the last hour of the day.  The children may either wear their costume or we will help them change into them right before the party (or you can pop in early to help them).  We have a "stations" party then the children line up to "trick or treat" for families who have lined up out on the drop off/pick up lane.  Giving out treats is strictly optional and by no means an obligation!!  

Thanksgiving Feast - Monday before Thanksgiving
For our Thanksgiving Feast the children will perform a short program. We are never really sure how well the children will do "performing"... but it is always a fun time and a hoot to watch!  Extended family is most welcome at this event.  

We will then move to the fellowship hall for our feast which is potluck style.  The AM class is a variety of brunch items, side dishes and a few desserts.  The PM class has a potluck of sides and desserts.

The festivities begin at 9:45 for the AM class and at 1:15 for the PM class. 

Christmas Party - Last day of school before Christmas/Winter Break
Due to the amount of hustle and bustle of the season, we like to keep our Christmas party low key.  We have a usual day, but with fun activities in place of academics.  It is usually a Pajama day and at the end of the day we watch a classic Christmas movie while eating popcorn.  

The children will be having a Christmas gift exchange during the last 15 minutes of class.  Parents are always welcome to attend, but please don't feel badly if you are unable.  Each child will be asked to bring a gift of $5.00 or less to exchange with another student of the same gender.  On the tag, please address the gift to a girl (if your child is a girl) or boy (if your child is a boy) and either have them sign their name or sign for them.  We try to keep in mind that Christmas is the season of giving, but once the exchange is finished, the paper flies fast.  

Valentine's Day Party - On or the day before Valentine's Day
This party is very similar to the Halloween party.  Again, it is the last hour of the day (10:45/2:15).  Each child will pass out Valentine's Day cards to his/her friends and we will have games and crafts.  Parents may attend all day or just for the party, if you wish. 

Easter Egg Hunt - Wednesday before Easter
Our Easter Egg hunt will take place the Wednesday before Good Friday.  Our hunt takes place in the church yard during the last 15 to 20 minutes of class after which, we then end our day on the playground.  
Each child is asked to send in 1 dozen standard sized filled Easter Eggs.  We ask that there be no candy with nuts used as filler due to allergies.
Siblings are welcome to attend the hunt, but parents are asked to send in an extra dozen filled eggs for each sibling who wishes to participate in the hunt.  Children may leave with their parents at their leisure after the hunt is over.  If there is rain or the temperature is too cold, we will "hunt" inside in the Narthex. 
It is a lot of fun to watch and help the kids search for eggs!  You don't want to miss this one!   

These are the organized parties for our classes. We will also talk about and celebrate many other holidays that fall during the school year, but they will not be the big party kind of celebrations.  Still fun though!