Click Here to access Cyberchase games for all ages.  Games Central is where all interactive games and puzzles live on the Cyberchase site. It's updated a lot, so there are always new games to play. Get your mouse ready - these games are addictive (and trickier than you think).

Click Here to access EZSchool games. Click on this link for some fun games at EZSchool to practice important Math and Reading Skills.

Click Here to access Math Playground. Enjoy these fun games at Math Playground to reinforce essential math concepts.

Click Here to try a math strategy game called Sudoku.  Sudoku is a number puzzle in which the numbers 1 through 9 must be placed into a grid of cells so that each row or column contains only one of each number.  Try playing with a friend and combining your strategies.

Click Here to play an old fashioned game of checkers!  Challenge a classmate.

Click Here for some great typing games.  This tutorial is designed to teach, develop and practice, step by step, typing skills.

Click Here to play with an old favorite!  Remember the Lite Brite toy?  Here's an online version.

Click Here if you've always wanted to play the piano.  It takes a few minutes to load, but it's worth the wait.