Math homework every night, Monday-Friday.  Some weeks we will have a packet that will be given on Monday and due Friday.  Encourage your child to do a little each night--don't save it all for Thursday!!

Pearsonsuccessnet is the website that ehances our math program.  Each week the students will be able to explore a part of the site through a learning activity, game, or quiz. 



In the fall semester we will have limited science homework.  In the Spring, we will have homework packets weekly, sent Friday and due the following Friday.

The Pearsonsuccessnet website also has science readers that the students will be able to read each week.  Since these are now all AR, it helps the students in Ms. Vite's class as well!!! 



Throughout the year there will be some in class and at home projects.  Students will have at least a week to complete the project and turn it in to present.