Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty Policy

This Academic Honesty Policy is in addition to (NOT a replacement for) the one from GUSD.

Academic Dishonesty/Cheating may include any (or all) of the following, and is NOT limited to:

  1. Possession of any unauthorized electronic equipment, during a test/quiz, even if they are not used.  (These equipments can often be used for the purpose of copying, transmitting the material, or communicating with others.  The electronic equipments include unauthorized calculators, cell phones, iPods, iPads, MP3s, cameras, smart watches, smart glasses, Airpods, etc.).  Therefore, ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES SHOULD BE PLACED IN YOUR BACKPACKS DURING TESTS/QUIZZES, UNTIL YOU LEAVE THE CLASSROOM.


  1. Giving assistance to OR receiving assistance from other students (talking, signaling, copying other students’ answers, passing notes, sharing material, etc.) during tests/quizzes.


  1. Turning in someone else’s work as your own, by copying their work OR putting your name on other students’ work and turning it in for credit.  This includes plagiarism.


  1. Allowing other students to copy your work for credit, possession of other students’ work, or copying other students’ work for credit, even outside of my classroom.


  1. Copying material off the Internet without giving reference/credit to the source.


  1. Possession of or the use of the Teacher’s Solution Manual without the teachers’ specific permission/approval.


  1. Possession of a “cheat-sheet” during a test/quiz, even if it is not used.  This includes information written on your desk, calculator, erasers, water bottles, body and/or clothing articles.


  1. Tampering with teacher’s grade records or school’s grading system.


  1. Stealing, selling, buying tests/quizzes/team-practices.  This includes copying a question (or questions) and sharing them with other students either in writing or even verbally.


  1. Passing to OR receiving from previous students, or students from other periods, the material for the same course, be it answers to homework problems, projects, test/quiz questions, etc.

============== Complete and return ONLY THE BOTTOM PORTION of this sheet! ================

I have read and understood Mr. Ghavam’s Academic Honesty Policy.  I understand that there will be severe consequences, which may include Loss of Credit, ATS, Suspension from School, etc.

By signing this agreement form, I am committed and hereby promise to stay honorable, honest, and true in all my activities as they relate to this course:

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