Mrs. Gonsowski's Kindergarten Gazette





Our field trip to the Racine Zoo is next Wednesday.  I have plenty of parents to go with us.  In fact, I will be refunding a couple of parents’ money.  We can only take 3 parent chaperones this time.  Thank you for your prompt responses.  If you have not handed in your field trip permission slip or the $3, you need to do that as soon as possible.  Remember all students need to pack a sack lunch with a drink.  (all things must be disposable)


Language Arts:

We are continuing a unit called “A World of Animals.”

Students will hear stories about zoo animals.

We are reviewing all Alpha Friends.

We will work on basic concepts of print--where text starts, reading left to right, reading top to bottom, first and last words and letters.

We will be sequencing events of a story

Discuss main characters and the setting of the story

Reviewing all sight words learned this year.  (a, at, an, and, can, do, for, go, here, have, he, I, is, it, like, my, play, see, said, she, to, the)






We have started the last unit in the math book called Counting and Number Patterns to 100.

We will be counting to 100 by 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s.

We will be using various items to show patterns to 100.  (hands-5’s, ten frames-10’s, connectors-all patterns, ect.)

Math Centers--learning to use different manipulatives to explore addition and subtraction

Daily Calendar Activities--days of the week, months, place value



We continue to study animals.

Finding the differences between living things.


Week of May 26

Tues.--A Day:  PE and Music

Wed.--B Day:  PE and Music

Thurs.--C Day:  PE 

Fri.--D Day:  PE and Library


Week of June 1

Monday--E Day: Computer and Art

Tues.--A Day:  PE and Music

Wed.--B Day:  Racine Zoo Field Trip