Learning Activities

Learning Activities

Choose one of these learning activities to complete.  Each activity focuses on choosing a famous African American, your knowledge of biographies and computers and creating a project on your own. Make sure at least one person at your table is doing each activity.  After everyone is done, we will be putting all your activities together on an iWeb site that you will create!


**Remember, if you are saving your project on the computer, remember to save to your space on the server, just like you do in AI class.  Otherwise, your work may be lost!**


Learning Activity #1

  Choose a famous African American.  Pretend that one day during Black History Month is going to be especially devoted to a specific person.  Defend why your chosen person should be honored.  Use Glogster to make a poster showing your point of view.  You should have at least 5 different reasons why.  We will then view everyone’s posters and vote on who should have a day honoring them.

Learning Activity #2

Choose a famous African American.  You are a journalist and need to interview them for a TV news segment.  You need to create the questions as well as the answers you think your person would give.  You need to justify to your viewers at home why you brought this person on air.  Make sure you are asking in-depth questions! Make sure you are including information that would be included in a biography!  You will need to be an interviewer and an interviewee, so you will be working with a partner. You will be using iMovie and skills from AI class.

Learning Activity #3

Choose a famous African American or choose to be an African American man/woman/child in the time of Civil Rights.  Research about either their life, or, if you are doing the Civil Rights Era, the events affecting African Americans at this time.  Write 3 journal entries as if you were this person.  What is happening around you?  What do you see?  What are you doing?  How are you reacting to people around you?  How do they view you?  You may have your journals be in a comic book/graphic novel format using Toon Doo.

Learning Activity #4

Choose a famous African American.  Research their life, then use the Internet to find out if there is any kind of memorial to that person in their hometown.  Try going to the BASD Library resource pages for some good search engines.  If there’s not, write a letter to the town stating why you feel that a memorial SHOULD be made of that person.  Include a picture/description of what it should look like.

Final Learning Activity #5 - Whole Group

 Create a kid friendly website explaining and promoting Black History month.  The site should feature information about why this is celebrated as well as feature prominent African-Americans as well as including examples of the four projects above.  This would be completed as a group assignment, with each person having assignments 1-4 then combining them and working together to make a website.  You will be using iWeb and skills from AI class.