Second Grade

Second Grade

  Language Arts
2nd Grade Interactive  
Britannica Encyclopedia 
Dr. Seuss On The Loose- Mrs. Walker Symbaloo
Dr. Seuss
Friendly Letter Generator**
Letter Generator
Main Idea practice
Poetry- generator
​Reading Comprehension practice- choose a story
Sentences- edit Dan's sentences

SAT 10 practice sites
SAT 10 practice-LWenzel site
SAT 10 practice-RWalker site



Addition Blocks game 
Basketball- math practice 
CommonCore Math Practice- many topics
Comparing numbers
Comparing Numbers Snakes and Spikes
Internet4Classrooms-skills by category
IXL math- pick a skill: place value, additon, fractions

Fractions- Kids heros
Fractions -Cross the River
Fractions-AAAmath practice
Fractions Fighters
Fractions- type the numerator and denominator
Graphing- create a graph
Hundred Chart- 
Johnny's Math Practice gr2
Math Cats Multiplication
Math Facts practice- Basketball
Math Facts Snowball fight
Money- Coins for Candy
Math topics gr 2- ixl site
Place Value
Place Value -AAAmath
Place value- funbrain
Skip Counting-Space Pets
Sum of the Dice
Telling Time

Animal games
Butterfly and moths- Children's Butterfly Site
Butterfly San Diego Zoo
Butterfly -Enchanted Learning-facts
Butterfly information
Butterfly Lifecycle National Geographic
Butterfly- Monarch
Butterfly- online gallery
Space Butterfly online gallery
Earth Day
Fire Safety-Sparky
Healthy Food Blast Off
Matter Scholastic Activities
Matter solids, liquids, gases
Moon phases -tech act
Moon phases
Nature's Art box
Pollination game EIE2
Soil Game
Soil Layers
Soil Underground Game
Teeth games
Teeth mouthpower
Teeth plaque attack
Tooth- "My Smile kids Games
Washing Hands Zapper game
​Washing Hands
Washing Hands document
Weather NASA-intera
Weather game-interactive

Weather game PBS

Social Studies
Amercia Field trip
American Symbols
Ben's Guide maps and government
Goods and Services Brainpop
Longitute and Latitude -Treasure
Moon play a game
USA practice
US Symbols

Beebot Simulator
Citing source practice Ottobib 
Coding- Debugging
Coding Angry Birds

Coding Lightbot-gr2

CyberSmart- Gizmos comic
CyberSmart- Access games-Zippy
Flappy Bird coding
Garfield Cyberbullying
Garfield online safety
Hector's World internet safety videos
Hector's World Computer security
Hector's World Cyberbully
Dancemat Typing Practice 

Digital Citizenship -Privacy Playground
Maze Intro programming with blocks
Pollination- Pollination Game -STEM