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ben   Welcome to Seventh Grade Social Studies.  My name is Ms. Hayman and we will be studying a very influential American this month, Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin's Earlier Life

Benjamin Franklin, born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706 was the tenth son of a soapmaker Josiah Franklin.  At an early age Benjamin loved to read and write his own short stories.  When he was old enough to apprentice, his father introduced him to various trades, but Benjamin's love of the written word made the decision to work along side his older brother James an easy one.  James was a printer, and it became Benjamin's job to assist in all aspects of the business.  When Benjamin was 15, his brother founded the first newspaper in Boston.  It had original articles and local advertisements unlike the newspapers that were shipped in from overseas.  Benjamin begged his brother to write for the newspaper, but James would not hear of it. So Benjamin wrote letters to the newspaper under a false name,  that were so good each and everyone was printed.  Some time later Benjamin came clean to his brother, who became furious and this would be the beginning of the rift that would eventually lead Benjamin to Philadelphia.