SPBI: Standards



Information  Teacher: Mr. Hewett
Lesson Title: Review Project
Major Concept of Theme: Students will develop reviews for their peers to prepare for the PARC exam using project based learning.


1.    Work together as a group to develop four end products for their assigned topic.

2.    Become experts on their assigned topic and present why their end products are the best tools to review.

3.    Develop a review packet for their classmates to be handed out for PARC review.

All Colorado SixthSeventh, and Eighth Grades Science Standards and CMAS standards were Reviewed
Other materials, technology or safety needs:


1.    List of standards for review

2.    PowerPoints with instructions

3.    iPads (1 for each group)

4.    Contracts (1 for each student)

5.    Nametags (1 for each group)

6.    Material request list (1 for each group)

7.    Weekly rubrics (1 for each group)

8.    Weekly peer reviews (2 for each group)

9.    Final presentation peer reviews (1 for each student)

Week 1: Planning



Day 1: Project introduction and contracts


Day 2: Align 4 end products with standards

Day 3: Outline 4 end products

Day 4: Research

Day 5: Peer review, revisions, and portfolio (outline, research notes, and peer reviews) graded via rubric

Time Estimate
5 days
Week 2: Work



Day 1: Complete 2 end products


Day 2: Complete 2 end products

Day 3: Complete 4 end products and work cited

Day 4: Peer reviews

Day 5: Revisions and turn in portfolio (4 end products, work cited, and peer reviews) to be graded via rubric

Time Estimate
5 days
Week 3: Presenting



Day 1: Complete 1st half of the presentation


Day 2: Complete 2nd half of the presentation

Day 3: Presentations and peer reviews

Day 4: Presentations and peer reviews

Day 5: Presentations, peer reviews, and turn in final portfolio (presentation and all peer reviews) for grading via rubric

Time Estimate
5 days