SPBI: Week 1 (We Have Lift Off)



The review project was introduced on March 3, 2017. The students were shown the Anchor Video created by Mr Welch, Ms. Osborn-Swift, and myself. Then two team building exercises were completed. Last, the Big Picture Introduction was shown as an overview for the review project.


Students were asked to complete two team building exercises led by Mr. Welch and monitored by Ms. Osborn-Swift and myself.

The first exercise was used to demonstrate how difficult communication can be between the two member teams. We asked the students to sit facing back to back, then one person described a computer drawing, and the other person drew what was being described. Ms. Osborn-Swift modeled the exercise with a student before the activity began. The students completed the activity twice.

The second activity, titled Lost at Sea, was used to practice decision making between the two group members. The students were asked to rate 15 items based on their importance. Two teams were asked to present their top three items. Then Mr. Welch reviewed the Coast Guard rankings to create a discussion about survival rates for each team.


The review was briefly gone over during the last fifteen minutes of class by myself and Ms. Osborn-Swift. The students were given a project calendarend products list, and a team contract. The students were asked to complete the contract within their teams before the end of class and place it into their portfolio. Students were asked to take the end products list home and pick their top four choices to be shared with their team member on Monday.