SPBI: Week 3 (The Polished Product)





Students will plan an exciting, effective presentation explaining why their four end products are the best way to study for their group’s assigned product. Students will use peer reviews and practice their presentations to ensure top quality work.


Ms. Osborn-Swift led students through a discussion on quality presentations using a PowerPoint to guide the discussion. Students were asked to practice their presentation within their group, then share with the group next to them. The group being shared with was to fill out a peer review form to give to the presenting group. Then the groups would switch to present to a second group. In the end, each team was to receive two peer reviews to assist in their presentation’s revisions.

DAYS 2-5

Students presented their final products in a 5-7 minute presentation. I utilized  green, yellow, and red cards to aid students in better managing their time. Yellow represented two minutes remaining and red represented stop. Students were given handwritten feedback from Ms. Osborn-Swift and myself. Ms. Osborn-Swift, and Mr. Welch, and myself asked probing questions about each group’s assigned topic.