Blackboard and Pinnacle Directions

Gradebook Program (Pinnacle)  

Ø Log on to 

Ø On the left, find Parent/Student Viewer 

Ø Click on the “Pinnacle Internet Viewer 

Ø Log in with the student’s 12 digit ID number (add lead zeroes in front to equal 12 digits. 

Ø Enter student’s password, all lowercase

Ø Choose “Hill”

You can view current grades, look at details for each class and print out reports at any time.

   Team Homework, News, Ideas, and Information 

Mr. Bywater’s science classes and Homework Hotline at 

Mrs. Raczak’s math classes, Team 6-2 English and Social Studies at 

Mrs. Parker’s reading classes at   

Blackboard (Homework Hotline online for encore) 

Log on to: 

Ø Click on course catalog 

Ø Click on “middle school” 

Ø Click on “Hill” 

Ø Click on “encore” 

Ø Scroll down to find teacher