Cast / Crew Lists

Casting announced for:

A note before results are posted:

 This is said with all seriousness.  These two shows were NOT easy to cast.  It was incredibly difficult for the casting team to put together these lists.

Freshmen who tried out and did not get a part - you all did an amazing job with your try outs and I'm glad to have you around.  Please take my class to help your technique, delivery, etc.

Current Company who did not get a part - Guys, this was a tough one.  Lots of stuff influenced this decision and remember - If it came down to several people being right for a role, we gave it to the one who either was older (aka a senior) or to someone who hasn't had a chance to shine yet in our program (taking into consideration Noises Off, Airline, Wedding Singer, Oz, or the murder mysteries).

 Lists will be up later tonight!!!!!


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