General Information

General Information

Locked Module Items

  • Locked items (module-based items, such as Tutorials, Applications, Unit/Lesson Activities, Offline Activities, etc.) DO NOT have to be completed.
  • If the Completion Record is the ONLY item locked for an Offline Activity, please refer to the "Special Instructions" section for changed directions.  Many times, you may just have to READ OVER the information and TAKE NOTES.

Special Instructions

  • Please refer to the "Special Instructions" section for each Unit prior to completing the Offline Activities.  I may have changed the instructions to make the assignment either easier or to make it involve less work.


  • THERE ARE NO EXEMPTIONS!!!   Even if a blue circle with an "E" shows up on your screen beside a module, lesson, activity, etc....YOU STILL HAVE TO COMPLETE THE WORK!!!!

Unit Post-Tests and End-of-SemesterTests

  • All Unit Post-Tests and End-of-Semester Tests MUST be completed at Admiral Peary AVTS.  You will be allowed to use notes that you had taken for these tests.  Please schedule times (when ready and the work is completed) to take these tests with Mr. Capraun.  Taking all Unit Post-Tests and the End-of-Semester Test for English at the same time is NOT a good practice.  CONFUSION AND FRUSTRATION MAY SET IN!!!


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