Ms. Beard Gerdes


Since starting teaching 4 years ago I have been all over the Puget Sound. I started teaching in k-5 as a reading teacher, took a tour of 8th grade science and social studies, then went and worked on a farm (alternative ed) , finally landing here at Aki. My passion is history and science. I am an avid reader with my favorite books being mysteries and historical fiction. I am a native Californian and love to vist my family in the Bay Area.

I attended Pacific Lutheran University for both my BA and MBA. In the summers I work at University of Puget Sound as a teacher for their Academic Challenge. Last year at the program we dissected 15 pound salmon and cleaned up the community water shed (with middle schoolers). (interested in hearing more? ask me!)

I have a dog, a cat, and a husband. We recently moved to our first home in Auburn.