Homeroom procedures

Procedures and Routines


When you enter the room, please take down your seat. If you are the first one in the class please help with getting all seats down in your group. You will receive cobra cash.

If you arrive early, you may use the computers to work on Study Island or to assist you with school assignments.

If you need to speak with me, please do so before the announcements. If I am busy, you may ask Ms. Jennings for help. Feel free to go to which ever teacher is available. Once announcements begin you are required to wait until they are over to discuss any issues. If you can not wait, write a note! I know there are times when something is on your mind and you want to make sure you get results. This is the most effective way to communicate with me.

This is mandatory. All students are expected to remain quiet during the broadcast. (9:10 am to 9:20 am) All students must complete King's Question. This is non-negotiable.

All students are required to be in their assigned seats when announcements begin. Due to late buses, enter quietly, take your seat and wait until announcements are over before you speak with me. If you have completed the King's Question, you may use your homeroom time to complete school assignments for any subject. When the bell rings to signal the end of homeroom, science class begins.

  1. Reminder to pay attention and review of procedures.   
  2. Removal to timeout area.    
  3. Discussion and written plan developed with student to form strategies to follow procedures.    
  4. Call home, to discuss a strategy where parents can help student understand the importance of sitting in assigned seat, listening to announcements and purpose of King's Question to assist in preparation for the MSA. Failure to follow procedures is really a failure to follow King's Principles.        
  5. Morning Detention or lunch detention with a second call home.
  6. Parent Shadow
  7. Referral to office.
  8. PS-74