Daily Procedures and Routines

Science Class

General Information

Every student must have an interactive notebook. This notebook will contain your, homework, classwork, notes, and handouts. This is mandatory. The notebook will be collected and graded every two to three weeks. The grade will reflect your effort in completing assignments. This notebook will also serve as a study guide for quizzes and test. If you are absent you are required to make up missed assignments, and keep them in your interactive notebook on the correct page.

You may email me at ailanna.baker@pgcps.org if you are absent and I will sent you the assignments. I also have a website at http://ailannabaker.educatorpages.com . This page will be updated daily. It will include all assignments.


  • Enter on time ( if you    are late, enter quietly, take your seat, I will go to you and find    out why you are late, if necessary.)   
  • You have 5 minutes to settle, this means, get your books together, take out your homework, sharpen your pencil, speak with me or Ms. Jennings. 
  • Start your warm-up, I   will set the timer for 5 minutes. We will go over the warm-up using     equity sticks. It will be collected daily. At the end of the week you will receive a grade.    
  • Have your homework out for checking. Ms. Jennings and I will check off if you have  completed the assignment. You can not submit homework after the due date. This is a grade which will go into my grade book each time I  assign homework. The homework is either a review or based on reading the text and answering questions. It will be posted daily and it is the student's responsibility if absent to make up homework     assignments.    
  • We will review the homework after the warm-up. Equity sticks will be used to review the homework.    
  • Be ready for classwork. I will post an agenda and objectives for the day. This will let you know the plan for the day.    
  • Transition times are short! The instructions on the agenda will let you know what you  must do to get prepared.    
  • I do not want to waste class time on behavior. Failure to follow King's Principles and classroom procedures result in the following:
    • Consequences   
    • Reminder to pay attention and review of procedures   
    • Removal to timeout area.        
    • Discussion and written plan developed with student to form strategies to follow procedures.    
    • Call home, to discuss a strategy where parents can help student understand the importance of  following classroom procedures.
    • Morning Detention or lunch detention with a second call home.  
    • Parent Shadow 
    • Referral to office.   
    • PS-74