Overview of Each Class


In Math we use manipulatives to build concrete understanding of number relations, addition,

subtraction as well as other math skills. We use the Harcourt School Publishers Math series. Problem solving strategies

are used everyday to challenge the students and increase their understanding of math in the “real world”.


We teach Reading using a variety of strategies including: children's literature, Anna Room, and other basic reading

strategies. A variety of grouping techniques are used to meet students’ needs. These include flexible, leveled and guided

reading groups. Students will have many opportunities to read all day. Accelerated Reader is an additional self-monitored

reading program we use for outside reading. There will be more information about this later.

Language Arts

Writing, Spelling, and Handwriting skills are taught in conjunction with our other curriculum

areas. This helps reinforce their importance in your child’s life. Writing is taught as a process.

Invented spellings are respected unless the words have been taught and tested in Spelling.

Spelling tests will begin the week of September 15. Lists will be sent home the first day of the