Lesson 1

Lesson Plan Title:  Warm Up and Cool Down Process and Procedures   

Performance Objective: Working independently, students will use the laptops and internet to research and create at least three different warm up routines that include dynamic and static exercises.

Resources or Materials Needed: Students need their physical education uniforms and athletic shoes. The students will also need computers, internet access, their cell phones and/or the iPads.  The teacher needs a stopwatch, a roster with student’s names to record times, and a pencil.  

Time: 1 hour  

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activities: Locker room, squad lines, warm up lines, warm up routine

Step 2: Content Presentation: Direct Instruction: Teach students the importance of warming up and cooling down. Explain the benefits of both and then demonstrate the proper way to complete both.

Step 3: Learner Participation: Tell the students that they will be working independently and using the internets and a search engine of their choice to create 3 different warm up routines. They will make a presentation on Google Slides that shows their routines. After completing their presentation, they will work with one partner. Each partner will present their presentation to one another. Together, the two will pick the best routine and then create a video on iMovie that demonstrates their routine.

Step 4: Assessment: Students are being summatively assessed on their Google Slides Presentation and formatively assessed on their iMovie video. Feedback will be given to the students individually based on the routines they created. The teacher will coach students through the video creation process.   

Step 5: Follow-Through Activities: Students are encouraged to take their teacher’s feedback and make modifications if necessary.  

Lesson Plan Summary: The students will line up in the hall and wait for directions to enter the locker room. Once the students are in the locker room, they will get dressed into their physical education uniforms and athletic shoes. After getting dressed, the students line up in the locker room and wait for directions to enter the gym. Once the students enter the gym, they sit in squad lines while the teacher takes attendance. After attendance, the teacher instructs the students to go to their warm up lines and the teacher picks a captain. The captain for the day leads the class through the warm up routine. The warm up routine for this quarter is: jog 5 times, high knees to half court then knee stretch, arm circles forward, glute kicks to half court then quadriceps stretch, arm circles backwards, karaoke face front, Frankenstein, karaoke face back, power skip. After warm ups are complete, the captain directs the class to sit near the white board. The teacher will teach the students about the purpose of warming up before physical activity and cooling down after physical activity. The teacher will also demonstrate a warm up routine and cool down routine. After instructions are given, the students will get computers and complete their Google Slides task. After completing that, the students will create their video on iMovie with their partner. When class is close to ending, the captain will lead the class through the cool down exercises. After the cool down, the students are instructed to go into the locker room and get dressed in their school uniform. Once finished, they wait for the teacher to dismiss them.