Lesson 3

Lesson Plan Title:  Aces Paragraph and Cardio Exercises

Performance Objective:

  1. Given the chart for the Fitnessgram Health Norms, compare your Fitnessgram Mile Run Pre-Test score with chart according to your age and gender by writing an ACES paragraph and scoring at least a 6 out of 8 on the rubric.
  2. When asked in writing what activities will help improve cardiorespiratory endurance, correctly identify at least 10 activities without help.

Resources or Materials Needed: Students need their physical education uniforms, athletic shoes, index cards, pencils, and computers. The teacher needs the overhead projector, laptop, and internet access.   

Time: 1 hour

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activities: Locker room, squad lines, warm up lines, Pe Shake App  

Step 2: Content Presentation: Direct Instruction: The students will be writing a paragraph in ACES (Answer, Cite, Explain, Summarize) format that compares their Fitnessgram Mile Run Pre-Test to the Healthy Norm Range Chart for their age. The teacher will give a lesson on the ACES strategy and then roam around the room to give students feedback once they are writing.

Step 3: Learner Participation: The students will write an ACES paragraph that tells their current score and then compares it to the healthy norm range for their age. Students will reflect on ways that they can improve their score.   

Step 4: Assessment: The students will be assessed on their paragraph and if it follows the required format with the correct content. ACES Writing Reflection Template (See Appendix A).

Step 5: Follow-Through Activities: Students are encouraged to practice running outside of school.

Lesson Plan Summary: The students will line up in the hall and wait for directions to enter the locker room. Once the students are in the locker room, they get dressed into their physical education uniforms and athletic shoes. After getting dressed, the students line up in the locker room and wait for directions to enter the gym. Once the students enter the gym, they sit in squad lines while the teacher takes attendance. After attendance, the teacher instructs the students to go to their warm up lines and the teacher picks a captain. The captain for the day picks a game on the Pe Shape App and it explains it to the class.  After warm ups are complete, the captain directs the class to sit near the white board. The teacher will guide the students through the process of writing an ACES paragraph. The students will write their paragraph comparing their score to their ideal score. Once the class is finished, the captain will lead the class through the cool down exercises. After the cool down, the students will get an index card and a pencil. They will identify at least 10 exercises that help cardiorespiratory endurance. They will participate in the Kagen Mix Pair Share strategy. After the activity is complete the students will be instructed to go into the locker room and get dressed in their school uniform. Once finished, they wait for the teacher to dismiss them.