Aircraft Wash System

Aircraft Wash Equipment: How Do I Properly Use An Air Washer?

Aircraft wash equipment can be used to wash the exterior of an aircraft and can be performed at the ground with an mobile unit or in an extensive permanent location. The most commonly used type of aircraft wash equipment is Jet Wash, an Air Force Blaster (AFB). Jet Washes are a possibility to use in airports that do not have enough land for permanent installations. This type of equipment uses high-pressure water jets. It cleanses the surface of an aircraft by breaking its surface and eliminating dirt and sand, as well as oil, algae, etc.

aircraft wash equipment

Aircraft are usually made of metal long exposure to heat and moisture and metals used in flight frames are prone to forming corrosion. It is very costly to repair and maintain an aircraft if the decay is not treated quickly. Additionally, aircrafts designed used for military and commercial use will never show a green signal if planes do not pass the maintenance test. Aircraft Wash Equipment employs specific chemicals and equipment to stop corrosion spreading. No matter how big or small plane, and Aircraft wash equipment has the answer to the cleaning challenges of every aircraft.

Aircraft wash equipment is comprised of many equipment, tools and other products that are adapted according to the buyer's need. Foam solutions can be sprayed onto the body in order to stop corrosion and prevent further spreading. Water hoses with specialization are available that won't harm the aircraft's body and only the particles that are not needed removed. Aircraft wash equipment includes heavy machinery and equipment's for particular purposes like pumping trucks, personnel lifting machines which are required for cleaner cleaning. To gather additional details on aircraft wash system kindly look at

aircraft wash equipment

Rotary sweepers are mounted on wheeled chassis. They are equipped with either continuous or pulsed water jets that rotate around the vehicle. The water is drawn from a tank and forced through the nozzle. Additional components could be needed for rotary sweepers, such as filters as well as pressure gauges, pumps and regulators. Therefore, a rotary sweeper may cost more than a mobile unit. This is due to the additional maintenance costs associated with these additional parts. Due to their mobility and versatility they are favored by many companies. They are great for washing fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft. The downside of this unit is its high price. If you don't have piped water, this type of device will not be suitable for your application.