Keep Air Conditioning Running Costs down This Winter

 The costs incurred when you’re regularly in control of the temperature can be very high but can be cut down without sacrificing one’s comfort and convenience. Some of the ways of reducing the cost are;

  1. Keeping the Windows Open

This is one of the many ways that require less effort and zero costs. The windows will allow in the cooler air from the outdoors to replace the warmer air that is indoors. The windows are better left open during the night. You don’t have to leave the air conditioner on if you decide to open the windows. This will definitely save on electricity bills incurred by the use of an AC

  1. Use of Fans

This is another way of increasing a home’s energy efficiency. You can use either ceiling fans or the portable ones, since them both work owners in cooling a room. The portable fans are suitable in a way that they can be placed anywhere in the house and improve room ventilation.  Energy costs for fans aren’t as as expensive as compared to air conditioners.



  1. Installing Solar Panels

This will lower the cost of running an HVAC unit and all other air conditioning bills. They are installed on home roofs and are capable of utilising the sun's energy thus helping reduce electricity bills. They can power an air conditioner and still cater for other electric home appliances for over years. They might require a higher initial cost but they are worth it.

  1. Maintenance

It’s advisable to plan regular maintenance schedules for the air conditioners. This basically involves cleaning the filters or replacing them, failure to which air conditioning units work harder and consuming a lot of energy. Changing the air filters will prevent the damage to the HVAC unit and also block off dust particles.

  1. Replace

The newer models of air conditioners are made more energy efficient as compared to the old and worn out ones. Old models lack sensors that prevent the units from running during cold seasons hence getting damaged.

  1. Turn Off Your AC When You Don’t Need It

Many homeowners forget to switch off their air conditioners when leaving their houses. They are then left working but no one is benefitting from them and therefore, they will cause huge AC bills.

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