Poor Ventilation- How To Get Rid Of Smells That Waft In Small Spaces

Poor ventilation can cause a bad smell, especially in small confined spaces. Bad smells in small spaces mean that there could be mould formation.


The best thing to do is to keep the space well-ventilated to get rid of smells. It to ensure that your house is smelling great using the following tips.

1. Ventilate the Room

This is the first thing that you need to do to reduce smell in a small space. Poor ventilation is the major cause of bad smells in a house. Open up your room by running fans or installing air conditioners. The idea is to make sure that air is circulating and this will reduce stuffiness and smell.

2. Use Dehumidifier

In small rooms it can be easy for humidity to go up especially from the steams from bathrooms and kitchen. In this case, you need to invest in a good dehumidifier to maintain a good humidity level in small spaces. Humidity facilitates the growth of mildew and moulds which causes bad smell. Lowering the humidity level in your house reduces bad smells significantly.

3. Reduce the Smell in Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Bathroom and kitchen tend to be the source of bad smells in your house. First, reduce the odour from these critical areas. Most people use baking soda in the ovens to reduce the smell. Coffee grounds can also be used to reduce the bad smell in fridges.



4. Clean the House

Several items in your house can be a source of bad odour. These include carpets, couches, pets, fabrics and more. If you keep all these clean at all time it will reduce the smell.

5. Invest in a Good Air Conditioner

A small space needs good air circulation at all times. When you follow the above tips, chances are your house will be smelling great. However, you can go a step further and invest in a good air conditioner to keep the air in your house fresh.

Create a good environment for yourself by following the above practices.

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