AIS Elementary Music

Hello AIS students!  Our Winter Concert is coming up on December 6th, so make sure to practice your songs a lot at home!

Grade 1:

"Time to Decorate the Tree"

"I'm Gonna Be Santa's Tree"

"Christmas Is"

"Oh Christmas Tree"-

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"-


Grade 2:

"A Bear-y Merry Holiday"

"Dancing on Ice"

"Jingle Bears"


Grade 3:

"Covered in White"


"A Bear-y Merry Holiday"


Grade 4:

"North Pole Diaries"

"Gettin' Ready for Christmas"

"Born To Shop"


Grade 5:

"Santa Wants a Brand New Bag"

"Santa Needs a Vacation"

"North Pole Diaries"