Extra Credit Opportunities

Seventh Grade

Students may do one of the two following options. 

1)      Attend a showing of the 2011 Earth Day movie presented by Disney and write a one – two page paper typed in MLA format in response to the movie.  The movie opens April 22, 2011, and students will have a little over a week to watch the movie and write the paper after the movie opens. 

          a.       Attend a showing of African Cats (2011) between April 22 and April 28, 2011, and save your ticket stub to attach to your paper.

          b.      Write and type a one – two page paper, prepared in MLA format, that is a personal response to the movie.  This should be your personal thoughts and feelings about the topic of the movie, and your response should reference specific examples from the movie.

 2)      Research the significant reduction of large cats (lions, tigers, jaguars, etc.) in the wild, the reasons for the huge decrease in numbers (especially in the last 50 years), and what efforts are being made to avoid extinction of these animals.  Be sure to cite your sources using correct MLA format (Purdue’s Owl Writing Lab is a good resource for this).  Be sure that you use good sources.  If in doubt, ask me if a source is appropriate.  Finally, add a paragraph or two at the end of the paper that explains your thoughts and feelings about the subject matter.  This paper should be at least two - three pages, typed in MLA format, PLUS a Works Cited Page also in MLA format. 

Regardless of choice, the due date for this OPTIONAL test-grade assignment is April 29th.  NO late papers will be accepted; there is no half credit for this optional project.


Honors English II

Optional homework grades for H English II during the 4th Quarter – both may be done for credit

1)      Bring in a newspaper article, magazine article, or web article (printed) that you have read and marked up for writing errors.

2)      Write a well-thought out and well-written letter to the editor of a newspaper or a business.  Bring the final draft of the letter to me to read before you submit (save your work in case changes need to be made), and bring an addressed envelope with postage so that the final draft of the letter may be submitted from school. 

Optional quiz grades for H English II during the 4th Quarter – both may be done for credit 

1)      Read an article, watch a video (TV or web), or listen to a speech/lecture relative to subjects related to English (language development, writing, authors, various literary works, etc.) and write a brief ( 3/4 to 1 page typed and double spaced) report to share with the class and submit to your teacher.

2)      Research the required writing assignment necessary to get admitted to a college or university of interest to you.  Then write the essay, with the writing prompt typed at the top of your essay, as you would if you were making application to that college or university and submit the essay to me.  If you have trouble, this linke may help.  http://www.hpregional.org/departments/english/mhassenplug/100%20topics.html

Optional test grade for H English II during the 4th Quarter – only one may be completed for credit (this is in addition to the regular Honors Project)

1)      Read a book of choice and prepare a PowerPoint book report of the book to present to the class. Include a reasonable amount of information about the author and the genre of the book.

2)      Do a survey of at least four local businesses (document your contact with the name and phone number of the person with whom you spoke at each business – probably someone in Human Relations) to find out what are the three predominant skills they look to find in potential candidates for jobs with the respective businesses.  Present your findings using a PowerPoint that includes slides demonstrating the findings using bars, graphs, or pie charts as well as text. 

    a.       Present the names and address of each business along with the contact person’s name and phone number and/or email address for each business responding (four responses required).

     b.      Present a typed copy of the survey you used.

     c.       Present a specific list of all skills identified as a result of your survey.

     d.      Present your findings in a combination of an oral and PowerPoint presentation (as noted above).