English 3A Language

March 16: Sound not working on Zoom.

Please ADD MS. HOSTETTER ON WECHAT with ---- . Identify yourself as "__________ from 3A Lang." and we will have class this way.

** Get the QR code from a classmate :)

Class Monday, March 9, 2020:

WORK FROM TODAY: Click here ... email by tonight

Ms. Hostetter is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.-->Same code as Thursday!

Topic: 3A Language Class 3
Time: Mar 9, 2020 12:00 PM Beijing, Shanghai

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 104 817 979

Homework due Sunday night 11:59 PM:

Read these three articles.




EMAIL ME if any of them don't load for you, and I can send them as PDF files.

Then, email a paragraph to ajoyhostet@outlook.com in which you compare and contrast how teenagers in China use technology versus what concerns or uses these articles present.

-->Make sure to use Grammarly to check what you write!!

March 6: Live Class Two!

Abigail Hostetter is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 3A Language Class 2
Time: Mar 5, 2020 12:00 PM Beijing, Shanghai

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Meeting ID: 104 817 979

March 3: Live Class One!


I am excited to see your faces again! This week's meeting will start with a "Roll Call" in which you each share where you are and what you have been doing in 1-2 minute speeches.
Please WRITE and PRACTICE this speech from 11:45 am to noon (12 PM) on Tuesday.
Next, join the call by clicking the link at 11:55AM below. Prepare to share!
Ms. Hostetter will go first.





Ms. Hostetter is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 3A Language Online Class 1, Tuesday, March 3
Time: Mar 3, 2020 12:00 PM Beijing, Shanghai

Join Zoom Meeting

If the website asks for a meeting ID, use the one below.

Meeting ID: 280 879 228


February 19-28: Finish by Friday night, 2/28.


Complete the assigned tasks about prepositions and conjunctions under Grammar on Khan Academy.

  • This is NOT in the SAT section. You can see what I've assigned by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner and clicking on "Notifications."

  • WATCH THE VIDEOS CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING THE EXERCISES. I can see how much time you spend on them, and you will each be given different questions for the exercises, so please do not try to cheat.
  • Students who don't take the time to watch the videos fully and/or who do the exercises more than 3x each will receive half credit.

Thank you! I look forward to seeing how these assignments will help your English improve.

*NOTE: If you have ALREADY completed any of these sections, REDO THEM AGAIN, including the videos. You will get different questions in the exercises and review important information, so it doesn't matter if it's being repeated.

Feb. 17-19: Finish by Wed. 2/19.

Dear Students,

This week, we are going to review tenets (traits, sides, aspects, principles) of professional email writing.

First, read this overview below.

Subject line: what your email is about.

Greeting: Address your teacher by name (Ex. Dear Ms. Hostetter, or Hello, Mr. Turcotte). 

Body: the main section of the email. Never send an email without something written here.

When you write to a teacher, both now at AP Center and in college one day, always say your first and last name AND which class you are in. Remember, most teachers cannot read the Chinese characters in your email address, and we have many students. In addition, we may have students with similar English names, so always include your family name (姓氏) in Pinyin. 

Your teachers should be treated professionally, so make sure your email address is professional, too, if it uses English letters.

After you introduce yourself and your class name, tell the teacher why you are writing the email. If you have attached any files, tell him or her about them, too. 

Make sure your files are attached in the right format. If you have a Mac, save files by tapping or clicking on File--> Save As, and then change the file type to DOCX or RTF format. 

End the email with a polite note of thanks and a salutation like "Sincerely," "Respectfully," or "Your Student," and then type your name again, English and family name in Pinyin.

Capitalize all names and proper nouns, and check your grammar carefully. Again, this is a professional environment, so you want to make sure you come across respectfully. Easy errors show laziness and a lack of care.

Below, I have written the rest of your homework like an email. Please read it carefully, complete your work via email, and send it to me by WEDNESDAY, Feb. 19.  You will have more work to do then.

Dear Student,

Hello! How are you holding up? I hope that you and your family have remained healthy. This is Ms. Hostetter, your 3A Language teacher, and I have some homework for you to do.

First, install Grammarly on your Internet browser. It is free. Go here: https://www.grammarly.com/. This is a powerful tool to use in college as well as now to check your grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

Read about what Grammarly is at the site. 

Secondly, read this article about writing professional emails: https://www.myenglishteacher.eu/blog/7-simple-steps-to-improve-business-email-writing-skills-in-english/

Thirdly, write me a professional email at ajoyhostet@outlook.com in which you answer these questions in complete sentences. Your sentences should restate the question clearly enough that I can tell what it was without checking the website.

1. The author of the article lists 7 tips. Pick one tip that you found useful or surprising. Copy the tip IN "QUOTES," and then explain why you thought it was surprising or useful.

2. Were you able to install Grammarly? How do you think it will be useful or helpful when you write in English?

Remember to include all parts of the email listed above. The actual email will count for a grade, including spelling and grammar.

You will have more homework to do on Wednesday, so get this done! I look forward to reading your ideas.


Ms. Hostetter

Weeks of Feb. 11-17:

Dear Students,

For the week of February 11-17, you must complete TWO Writing & Language Passages on Khan Academy.


Please remember:
1. I can see how much time you spend on each passage. It should be a MINIMUM of 7 minutes each including the questions.

2. I can choose to have students receive different questions from one another, and I have. Any students who attempt to assist each other will receive lower marks in the end...and believe me, I can tell.

* EMAIL me @ ajoyhostet@outlook.com screenshots of your personal results (amount of ?s right and wrong per type of Writing and Language passage) so that I can evaluate your progress.

ALSO: you have until Friday, Feb. 14 for Spring Festival work to be turned in.

The NEW additional Khan Academy work is due by Sunday night, Feb. 16. 11:59 PM.

Weeks of Dec. 16-27:

Here is an example paragraph that shows how to use citations:https://userfiles-secure.educatorpages.com/userfiles/ajoyhostet/3ALang/Sample college paragraph.docx

Here are the directions from class on Dec. 24:

https://userfiles-secure.educatorpages.com/userfiles/ajoyhostet/3ALang/3A Lang. 12.24 Info--Works Cited Tips.docx

Dec. 19: 

Reviewed structure of essay, where to find information, and how to cite sources and structure body paragraphs.

* FINAL DRAFT OF ESSAY DUE TUESDAY: email ajoyhostet@outlook.com OR turn it in by hand, printed, by end of 8th period Tuesday, 12/24.  MUST be in MLA format, or it will not be scored. Don't forget your Works Cited page!


Dec. 17-18: Reviewing essay structure, plagiarism, citing sources, and paraphrasing for both the semester exam and the research paper.

  • Students should have THREE sources (one about the college, one about the major, and one about the career you would like to have). 
  • NEVER just copy and paste whole sentences into your essay. Instead, choose important details and facts, and INTEGRATE (embed) them.
  • The information in the videos should be demonstrated in your essay, but will also be on the semester exam.


Week of Dec. 9-13:

Dec. 13:

Type up the second draft of your paragraph for/against the idea of the Anthropocene (that humans have had enough impact on the planet to begin a new epoch).

USE THIS TEMPLATE. Copy and paste what you typed into this document. Do not forget to add the sources you use at the end! Copy them from the worksheet from class Thursday.

Be sure to include a topic sentence, two pieces of evidence from the articles, two citations, and to explain yourself well.

SEND IT TO AJOYHOSTET@OUTLOOK.COM BY 11:59 PM SUNDAY NIGHT, and bring the rough draft and worksheet to class Monday.

HOMEWORK = A-C, pages 4-5; annotate article pp. 6-12; do A & B on pp. 12-13.

Reviewed how to annotate and listened to/read pages 6-12, "The Human Age" (article).
Students were to annotate ONCE per paragraph (at least one mark per paragraph):

  • * = important
  • ? = unknown word/don't understand
  • ! = interesting or surprising
  • ____________ = names (of people or places)
  • Circle = #'s (ex. 1998, 20%)

Sample annotations:


Week of Dec. 2-6:

MONDAY, Dec. 2--Catalyst = Describe what you did last weeked in 2-3 sentences. Be sure to write the past tense words correctly.



Week of Nov. 25:

MONDAY, Nov. 25--Issued Pathways 4 Reading & Writing book and prepared for assembly.

TUESDAY, Nov. 26--Pages 4-5, A, B and C: Do vocabulary activities (we reviewed answers in class Wed.)

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 27: Complete E (not D) on p. 5; read article on pages 6-12 ("The Human Age").

Completed A & B o p. 13

Reviewed annotation marks to be used EVERY TIME WE READ in the book:

  • * = important or repeated
  • Circle = numbers (statistics, years, dates)
  • Underline= names of places and people
  • ? = confusing/unknown parts
  • ! = interesting or surprising.

Due week of November 18 = final MLA-formatted draft of your college and career research paper.

Use this template: https://userfiles-secure.educatorpages.com/userfiles/ajoyhostet/MLA Format.docx

You can learn more about MLA format here:



Intro = general introduction that ends in a thesis. The thesis should mention the university you want to attend, and the job and major you want to pursue.


  1. Paragraph about your chosen college (where it is, why you want to attend it, what it’s known for; you could also include details about its freshman profile)
  2. Paragraph about your chosen major (credit hours required, why you’re choosing it, which department and/or building houses it on campus);
  3. Paragraph about your chosen career (average income from bls.gov—use VPN—or US News and World Report—https://money.usnews.com/careers).
  4. Somewhere in those paragraphs, tie it in to your personality type as determined by humanmetrics.com (I do not have your type recorded; you were probably absent back then, too! In any case, you can find it out by going to http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp. When you finish the test, write down the four letters. If you already have them, email it to me, please)

Conclusion: reflect on what you’ve learned overall in your research. Make a statement about the future.