Ms. Rash's First Grade Class


Classroom Schedule

8:00 Calendar

8:15 Reading Block

        Writing Block

10:00 P.E.

10:30 Writer's Workshop

10:45 Social Studies

11:20 Lunch

12:00 Science

12:45 Math

1:30 Accelerated Reading

2:00 Centers

2:15 Dismissal

Classroom Rules

  1. Follow Directions
  2. Complete Work On Time
  3. Respect Fellow Classmates
  4. Raise Your Hand And Wait To Be Called On
  5. Stay On Task
  6. Respect Other People's Property
  7. Always Do Your Best

Classroom Procedures

Beginning the Day

When entering the classroom, first put away your coat, book-bag, snack and lunch. Then turn your homework in the homework basket, place your attendance tag in the appropriate spot on the lunch count board and start you morning seat-work.

Entering and Leaving the Room

Enter and exit the classroom quietly. If you are coming in late or leaving early, do not disturb the other students. This procedure will be used for all situations throughout the school day.

Lunch Count/Attendance

Find your name and move your attendance tag to the correct column. If you brought lunch, place your tag under the "bringing" column. If you are buying lunch place your tag under the "buying" column.

Using the Restroom

(Younger students) You can get up and use the restroom freely as long as the teacher is not in the middle of teaching a lesson. (Older students) One student at a time my use the lavatory pass. They must return with the pass within three minutes or they will lose the privilege of going to the lavatory freely.

Fire Drill

When you hear the alarm, stop what you are doing, leave everything, and quietly walk directly to the door. The first person takes the fire drill packet while the second person holds the door open for the rest of the class. The last student closes the door and gets into line. Once outside, everyone is expected to stand quietly and wait for the announcement to come back into the building.

Lining Up

Wait until you or your row is called, then quietly stand up, push in your chair, and line up facing forward. Bring all the necessary items you may need with you.

Ending the Day

Clear off your desk, place papers to go home in your homework folder and wait to be called. Once you are called then gather your belongings, stack your chair, quietly sit on the carpet and wait to be dismissed.



The teacher will read a poem a loud to the classroom once. She will then hang the poem up in front of the class on the white board. The students will be asked to read the poem a loud with the teacher. They will then go over what the poem is about. The class will partner up, and discuss with their partners, what they each think the poem is saying. They will use "clues" and their "background knowledge" to make an inference. The class will then go back to their seats, and be asked to draw out a picture of what they "infered" about the poem, and write out their inference. The purpose of this assignment is to teach the class what an inference is, along with practicing writing skills, and creativity. 



About Me

I graduated from Florida State University in 2011, with a Family and Child Sciences Degree, minoring in Psychology. This is my first year teaching, and I have done all of my observations in the first grade classroom. I am on the board at The Children's Cancer Center, where I work to provide kids with cancer as normal of a life as possible, while they are struggling with this difficult battle. My passion is working with kids, and I am very excited for this journey of teaching!