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Available/Planning time: 2:50-3:30


This week, we will begin looking ar various machines and what makes them work. Many don't realize how many machines we use each day just to get through our day - even as seven and eight year olds! Encourage your children to recognize the machines around them in their daily lives.

In math, we will work on number stories. This is sometimes easy for some and difficult for others. It's not always the math that trips up students, but rather listening to the story and deciding what operation to use. Try doing some word problems in the car or sitting around the house. Help your child work with the key words like "all together", "how many more",, "left or less", etc...


Upcoming dates:

1/21 - No school - Martin Luther King Jr Day

Spelling words :    launch, sauce, taught, caught, saw, draw, lawn, why, show, brought, awesome  

Sight words: ground, soon, week, water, left, past, let, wasn't, sometimes, paper


Here are some websites that may be helpful for your child:     (You can set up the BASIC program and it is FREE! You will have to sign up as a parent and set what limits/controls you want for your child. - GREAT GREAT resource! I use this with my children.)     (This is linked directly to our math series. If you watch the homework papers, it tells what lesson we are on... like 1.4, etc. This correlates the lesson number to a game that will support the lesson. Great practice!)

*I will continue to add more throughout the year. Keep checking back!