Welcome to Ms. Knowles' Professional Growth!

My name is Ardisia Knowles. I teach high school English/Language Arts for grades 9-12 at an independent study school in El Cajon, CA. This website will take you through why I am a teacher, how I have developed over the course of this year, and what tools I will continue to use in my practice.


The video below highlights some of the main reasons I chose to become a teacher. For starters whlie growing up, school was my safe haven. It was the place I wanted to run to when I needed to escape. Also, many people have a favorite subject or have a subject that comes easier to them than the others, but for me I enjoyed every subject. Simply put, I wasn't just good in English or science. I was good at school period, so being a teacher was the only career path that made sense for me. Later, I began to explore and understand the disparities within education and started to form a more clear idea of why education is so important. Being a woman of color, I wanted to become a teacher to inspire other young woman of color (and essentially all of my students). I want to help my students see that no matter who they are or where they come from, they can do anything!


I Teach Because... 





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