Where do I get make-up work from when I am absent?

There is a clipboard on the front table marked "Absent".  Students are to  check the assignment 
sheet on the board first and pick up any necessary handouts from the manila folders beneath it.


Do you take late work?

Students are given enough time in class to complete assignments.  I accept  work only up to 1 
day late and even then it is only for half credit. Poor time management and misuse of class
time are not valid reasons for failing to complete assignments.


Why do I not have an A?  I am turning in all of my work.

Grades are not completion grades; turning an assignment is not a guarantee  of a 100% on it.


What if I am absent on Friday when bell work is collected?

It is the student's responsibility to turn in their bell work when they  return on Monday.

What if I need extra help on an assignment?

The school offers free tutoring.  If you are unable to attend, I am  available before and 
after school as long as you let me know you are coming.


When can I check on my grade?

Before or after school only.

I got a bad grade on a group project.  What can I do?

Next time, choose a different group to work with.  More than likely, the  grade was received 
because not all group memebers equally contributed. All group members receive the same grade
regardless of who did the work.
*any questions not answered here are more than likely answered in either the classroom 
procedures or classroom management statement posted at the front of the room*