English Club

Next meeting - January 20


What is the English Club?

The English Club's main goal is allow English students to practice and enhance the skills they acquire in the classroom. Classroom education is more formal, so the club setting will allow for a more relaxed and casual approach to the same material. It will also allow students to interact with each other, foster new friendships, and learn how to work as part of a larger group. Students who are stronger in English will be able to peer tutor their fellow classmates who are struggling or maybe even teach the members something entirely new.

 What will we do at the meetings?

 Each meeting will focus on a certain theme or set of skills to be reviewed. Each member is encouraged to contribute ideas for topics and when their topic is chosen, they are the discussion leader for that day. This allows for the development of both leadership and creative skills.

How often will we meet?

 One hour a week after school. No weekends

What are the rules?

 School rules still apply during all club meetings with the exception of food. Food and drink are allowed only if approved ahead of time by the club sponsor.