Classroom Policies

Classroom Discipline Plan, Homework Policy and Other Important Information


Classroom Rules

    In the class, we will be...

  •    prompt
  •    polite
  •    patient
  •    productive
  •    positive
  •    prepared



Students are to use the bathroom and get drinks before school, during recess, and at lunch. They will be allowed one bathroom break during the 1st morning period ONLY! No exceptions. Water bottles are encouraged but may only be refilled before school, at recess, or after school. In an emergency, students may chose to owe 5 minutes of their recess to go to the bathroom or get a drink during class time.


Consequences -

Consequences will be logical. For example, if something is broken, then it will need to get fixed or replaced.

First offenses will result in a warning.

Second offenses will result in a consequence that fits the action.

If the behavior continues, parents will be contacted and students may be asked to leave the room and if needed, go to the office.

*Depending on the severity of the behavior, students may be asked immediately to go to the office.


Homework Policy

Student’s homework responsibilities:

I expect students to do their best job on their homework.  I expect homework to be neat, not sloppy.  Assignments that are without a name, have graffiti/drawing, and/or are torn will not be accepted.  I expect students to do the work on their own and only ask for help after they have given it their best effort.  I expect that all assignments will be turned in on time.  

A homework folder with the latest classwork and homework will come home everyday.  Parents - PLEASE go over it with your child. Homework will also be written daily in planners. Parents, please check here to see what needs to be completed, or check the homework page on this website.


Late Work/Homework and Absent Make Up Work

Work should be turned in on the due date.   The following are exceptions for late work:  

  • Late work due to an absence will receive full credit and not be considered as late work if it is made up in a reasonable length of time (to be worked out between student and teacher, with a likely time frame of one day for each day absent).  

  • Work not completed on time due to a family emergency will be treated as late work due to an absence, if a note is provided at the time by the parent, explaining the circumstances.

I will hand out weekly missing assignment reports. It will be up to the student to get these assignments completed and turned in. If there are missing assignments or failing, students may not be allowed to participate in class activities like watching sports or monthly movie days. 

During the 1st trimester, students will be allowed to turn in late work without penalty till the end of the trimester. During the 2nd and 3rd trimester, if an assignment is more than a month old, it will no longer be missing but be given a 0 in the grade book.


When a student is absent, he/she is responsible for getting and making up missed assignments. Lists of missed work will be placed on their desks. The best time to pick up makeup work is after school if it is not on desks.


Grading Policy

Student grades will be based on a point/percentage system and a rubric (Math only).  Students will earn points for many of their assignments, papers, quizzes, tests, performances, homework assignments, as well as an assessment of cooperation/citizenship.  Points will be totaled and broken down into the following percentages and grades:

*Science and Social Studies will be graded on a traditional percentage and letter grade.

* Language Arts and Math will be graded on a 1-4 scale.


100%      A+

88-89%   B+

78-79%   C+

68-69%   D+

0-59% F

93-99%   A

83-87%   B

73-77%   C

63-67%   D


90-92%   A-

80-82%   B-

70-72%   C-

60-62%   D-



   4          Exceeding grade level standards           
   3       Meeting grade level standards
   2      Approaching grade level standards
   1          Below  grade level standards



Just a little more “Need-to-Know” information!

  • The homework folder and planner need to come to and from school each day.

  • Class work/Homework:  Written in pencil unless your teacher directs you otherwise.

  • Homework, major assignments, and tests will be written daily in your planner.

  • Pens and Pencils:  All math assignments will be done in pencil!  

  • Pens can be used for correcting, note taking, journaling, or art projects.

  • I would prefer major projects to be typed (time may be given to work on these in the computer lab, or in class, but time must be used wisely).

  • Permanent Markers (Sharpies):  Permanent markers (Sharpies) will not be allowed in the classroom, unless provided by the teacher for certain assignments.

Electronic Devices:   Electronic devices (as described in the Student Conduct Code) found at school will first be turned off and put away (a warning will be given). Upon the second offense, the electronic devices will be confiscated and held by the office until released to a parent/guardian – without exception!