Spelling and Vocabulary

Unit 1 Week 1 - SPELLING WORDS (Long/Short /a/)

1. greatly

2. locate

3. natural

4. national

5. spray

6. staff

7. trails

8. maintain


Unit 1 Week  1 - VOCABULARY

Vocabulary Word


Sentence Examples
devastated   v.  destroyed or ruined   The town was devastated after the tornado.
enforce   v. to make sure that people do what is required by law or rule   The policeman will enforce the speed limit.
federal   adj. relating to a form of government in which power is shared between a central government and individual states   The president is the leader of the federal government.
initative   n. a new plan for dealing with a particular problem  Sam created an initiative to save the owls from extinction.
possessions   n. things that you own or have with you at a particular time   All of my possessions were stolen during the burglary.