Module 2 Activity

Web Evaluation Activity


Student Handout




1.        Go to any search engine (Google, Yahoo, BING) and search 5 websites associated with Software Piracy. 

2.        Write down the 5 websites that you chose.

3.        Review the following website on Software Piracy (from Module 2)

4.        Review the following table and then pick 2 websites that you chose plus the website in #3.

5.        Write a brief description of the overall format of the web pages.

6.        Fill out the table by comparing the three websites and then recommend the one that I should use as a teacher of high school students to alert them to the dangers of software piracy.  Be sure to give an explanation for your choice.

7.        Please assume that all works are protected by copyright laws; so be sure to cite all sources.



Title of


Title of


 Title of 


1. URL






(Look up the author)

















2. Date









3. Documentation





4. Links to other websites





5. Quality

-Other viewpoints






6. Any errors?





7. Purpose