Web Page Hotlist

Web Page Hotlist

Theme – Integrated Algebra


Website 1 – Mathforum.org

This website includes literally something for everyone.  There are a multitude of inclusion lessons along with tips and different math tools for working with special needs students. Students can use the Internet mathematics library to look up virtually any topic.   It is also fund to ask a question to Dr. Math and receive an answer through cyberspace.



Website 2 – Math Projects


This website is an excellent guide for creating meaningful Math Projects.  I particularly like the website because it is easily navigated. In addition, the assessment of projects is applicable and can help me in the evaluation process.


Website 3 -  Technology Lesson Plans at Internet 4  Classrooms

www.internet4classrooms.com › Links for K-12

This website from Kennesaw State University guides you through the teaching process using the web.  The portion of the website that I would use in my classroom is organized by grade level and offers many resources directly related to my theme of Integrated Algebra as well as other Math topics.


Website 4 – WebMATH


WebMath is part of Discovery Education.  Students will love this website because it is interactive.  In keeping with my theme of Integrated Algebra, students get an explanation of a particular subtopic and they are then directed to fill in certain information; the software shows the answer to the particular problem generated and the method used to produce that answer.


Website 5 -  Home School Math


I chose this website because besides from the videos, worksheets, and some interesting math materials, it has a large selection of online math games which I believe will engage my students.  My goal here is to have students get lost in the games while perhaps not even realizing that they are gaining expertise on the selected topic.