Collaboration Project

Collaborative Project


         As I work in an alternative high school, there are several alternative high schools within my county that are part of my department.  Students are selected to go to a particular alternative high school based on their individual needs.  Different Math teachers are housed in these different schools.  It is only at our professional development meetings that we all come together.  Sometimes it is quite disconcerting as I often feel that I am working in a physical vacuum as there is only one other Math teacher in my building and she is only present for three periods a day until she travels to another high school.  Technology has done a lot to decrease the feeling of isolation.


         My project involves setting up an online tutorial site with another high school where students are taking advance courses such as Pre-Calculus and Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry.  Usually these tutorial sites, although some advertise that they are free, have a hefty fee associated with them by the time that they are done.  The tutors at the other school would receive community service credit and my students can get individual peer help.  (There might even be some friendships made along the way.)