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Crash Course and Crash Course Kids

Crash Course and Crash Course Kids are both Youtube channels that focus on various educational topics, from chemistry to film studies. I firmly believe that Youtube is a great way to review an important concept in a quick and easy to understand manner, for teachers and students. Crash Course covers scientific topics in a more sophisticated manner, great for High School or to students who are familiar with a concept. Crash Course Kids is more straightfowards, perfect when going over a new concept with Middle School students. As an educator, you can interac with this, and other Youtube channels, in a variety of ways. You can show the videos as a review. You can have students make predictions based on what they saw. You can allow students to view the videos independently for an assignment. Or you can post it on your Google Classroom or website as review. Either way, it's a great resource that I use on a weekly basis. And it's free!

Link to Crash Course Playlists

Link to Crash Course Kids Playlists