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Google Forms (Quiz Mode)

Google has a plethora of free and useful tools for educators, from archieve space in Google Drive, to documents creation in Google Docs, to a digital form creator in Google Forms. I normally only used Google Forms as a survey tool. But recently, I discovered that it can be used as a SELF-GRADING quiz. What you need to do is click on the Gear icon on Google Form and choose Quizzes. Select "Make this a quiz" and start creating your quiz! When adding your quiz items, be careful to select "answer key" at the bottom to create a right answer. Also be sure to add a point value. The quiz mode works best for multiple choice, drop down, and checkboxes. But it can also work for free responses if the answer is simple (ex: math problems). Google Form quizzes are great if you want to take a quick assessment of student progress, assess a unit you had to cover quickly, or simply review. You also have the option of letting students resubmit their quizzes in case you want to make a test review for them. 

Link to Google Forms 

Link to How to Make Self-Grading Quizzes (from Teacher's Tech Youtube Channel)

Link to How to Make Self-Grading Quizzes (from