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Our Classroom Homepage


Welcome to Silver Ridge!

Hello Parents and Students!

Welcome or welcome back to Silver Ridge Elementary School! We are thrilled to meet all of our new and returning students for the 2020-2021 school year. We are a small school with an in house daycare for before or after school for parental convinience (for more information plese contact main office). We pride ourselves in our rigourous academic standards for students and teachers and we always hold ourselves and one another to the highest of character standards. We seek to provide students with not only educational benfits but in life as well which is why we have included teaching activism and community involvement early on, and why we have made emotional inclusion part of our curriculum for students and teachers. We are excited for this school year, lets make it a great one! GO EAGLES!

My Teaching Philosophy

Hello Everyone!

My name is Mrs. Workman and I will be teaching your children in the third grade this school year. You can find my personal biography in the about me section, located at the top of the webpage, if you would like to personal details about me. My philosophy for being an educator starting growing with my young siblings. From them, I learned all the care and attention primary students truly need to succeed and thrive in an academic setting. It is my personal mission to set aside as much time as possible for my students, becasue I want nothing more than for them to succeed both in and outside of my classroom. I also find it imperative that fostering kindness, environmental and social awareness in school settings can aid in the success of our students and make them valuable members of society. I will strive everyday to ensure that my students get the attention and positive learning environment that they deserve! 

School Information

Address: 10622 Hillsboro Dr. NW Silverdale WA

Phone: 360-662-9500

Fax: 360-662-9501

My Contact Information

Phone: 360-662-9500 Ext. 1017


Room #13



Attendance Policy:

It is required by state law that all students school everyday that it is open and filure to do so will result in court proceedings. It is the school responsibilty to to take action in light of 5 unexcused absences in any given month or 10 unexcused absences during the course of the school year.

Exused Absences:

- Illness

- Family Emergency

- Parental Approved Activities

- School Activites

- Religious reasons




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