Classroom Expectations

Our classroom expectations will be a little different...
On the first day of school, we will be filling out a social contract TOGETHER!  This contract will include three parts:
  1. What behaviors/expectations do you want from ME as your teacher?
  2. What behaviors/expectations do you think I want from YOU as the student?
  3. How do you want/expect the envrionment in our classroom to FEEL?

Everyone in class will give their ideas and opinons, and I will write them on a piece of poster board.  When all of our ideas are included, each person in the class, including myself, will initial our classroom social contract.  Our poster will hang in the room for the rest of the school year.  When negative behavior occurs, we will refer to our ideas as a group and remember we all signed the contract together!
As a class, we will also come up with 5 consequences we believe could address various situations that involve breaking the contract.
I have included a few links to help show what a social contract is, why they are effective, and what they look like.