Classroom To-Do

Each month I will add classroom activities to the to-do list!  Ready to see what September is going to be like?
On the first day of school, we will create our social contracts!
Our essential questions for the month of Spetember will be:
How do we learn better by learning about ourselves?
What role does nonfiction play in our lives?
Before we dive into a piece of literature or a writing project, we will complete TRUE COLORS This is a fun acivity that will help us learn about ourselves as well as learn about each other.  Each group will create posters to hang in the hallway after we learn about the characteristics of our inner color!  
After we finish true colors, we will be moving on to nonfiction.  What types of nonfiction do we see in our lives every day?
~place writing
We will be COMPARING and CONTRASTING the different forms of noniction in the world.
Next, we will work in groups to to create the cover page of a newspaper!  Each group will write an article for the front page of Ms. LaVerne's Daily Digest!  Get ready to put those reporter caps on.  You will be interviewing different people in the school!
To finish up our nonfiction unit, we will be writing autobiographies.  Students will spend time writing and putting a final presentation together.  Be creative!  You can present in any way you choose!  Poster, powerpoint, paper, comic strip, video, skit, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  
We will also explore interactive animation after completing our interviews.